Brief history of BALATON MODELL

Our company fabricates synthetic resin scale-models and accessories on the scale of 1/72 and 1/35 with photo-etched and/or vacuum drawn components. The enterprise began the operation at the end of the 90’s. First it fabricated only figures, but it was completed with airplanes on the scale of 1/72 (Hungarian experimental types from the II World War. The WM-23 Ezüst Nyíl was the most popular among dozens of different kits.). The Hungarian reference was always determining during the selection of types. The next period was for the post-war Hungarian military vehicles. The first 1/72 vehicles were manufactured: Csepel D344, B-130, Cs-800, D352. The series was closed with Csepel D566 and Dac-665. After a longer pause, I established another enterprise at the end of 2009, but the trade mark remained the same.
Balaton Modell moved to a level of higher quality with the production of 2S3 Akácija. Péter Slyizs joined to the company. Planning of assembly drawings, photo-etched procedure and some master-pieces are also attached to his name.
We have started the technology of 3D printing in the case of new master-pieces and it makes possible the even more precise solutions.
The rubber tyre and caterpillar vehicles of the post-war period are the main line of bearing at the moment. We try to process the internationally marketable topics beside the Hungarian techniques. Beside the Russian type models, American martial vehicles also will be fabricated for (not only) western scale-model makers. In our online web-shop you can buy not only Balaton Modell products, but the specialities of several small-series manufacturers as well.

Gábor Kerek